About Us

VFX Motion Reels is a leading provider of visual effects (VFX) services for film, television and advertising industries. We are passionate about creating stunning visual experiences that bring your stories to life.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly skilled experts who blend creativity and technology to deliver top-notch VFX solutions. With experience across various genres and formats, from feature films to commercials, and from sci-fi to fantasy, we are well-equipped to tackle any project. We thrive on new challenges and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Our Location

Located in Hyderabad, India, our state-of-the-art production facility is equipped with the latest software, hardware, and a talented pool of artists and technicians.

Our headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, serve as the hub for managing our business operations and client relations.

Contact Us

For any inquiries, please email us at info@vfxmotionreels.com.

Our Services

With over 10 years of experience & real focus on client satisfaction, you can trust us with the work and quality we will deliver to you.


The Art of Isolating and Manipulating Objects in Your Footage.


Unlock the potential of your footage with our keying service.


Seamlessly blend your CG elements into live-action footage with our Matchmove services.


Transform your film with our VFX rig removal services and eliminate unwanted elements.


Enhance Your Footage with Paint Services from VFX Motion Reels.


Experience your designs come alive with VFX Motion Reels’ commercial 2D to 3D conversion services.


Elevate your visuals with our Compositing Work services at VFX Motion Reels.


Revive your classic black and white footage with our colorization services.